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Personal History of Michael Angelo Bosch: An Open Book

“I am a humanitarian, community leader and activist, youth mentor, fighter and protester of injustice, giver of the universe, and promoter of peace and love.”

Meet Michael Angelo Bosch

The Christian Network Ministries Foundation is blessed to have a hardworking and zealous man who has dedicated his life to the Lord’s work. Michael Angelo Bosch. He is a graduate of Hoboken high school and Drew University in Madison New Jersey.

Michael Angelo is a proud member of the following organizations:

And several other community-based programs as a volunteer activist against social


He is a law-abiding, hardworking, tax-paying father, grandfather, spiritual, God's man, and businessman who travel from coast to coast to spread the Word of God. 

“Failure is mind over matter. If you don't mind failing then, it won't matter.”

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