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The Christian Network Ministries Foundation


PSA Notice:

Since 2013 Mr. Michael Angelo Bosch and the POWER PROGRAM or The Christian network ministries foundation is no longer working with nor affiliated to any person persons company or organizations involved in any form of door-to-door sales of any kind.

If someone visits you while using my name to sell something or ask for donations in our name the power program or the Christian network Ministries foundation, they may be trying to run a scam and you may not receive your merchandise and you may be aiding to their bad habits so please do not participate, take down any information you can and report them to your local authority and contact us asap via our email

Thank you 


About Us

The CHRISTIAN NETWORK MINISTRIES FOUNDATION and The P.O.W.E.R PROGRAM is a non profit  non denominational nationwide out reach organization and our aim is to work with social economic low income poverty stricken high crime neighborhoods and help increase awareness as activists and offer some positive outlets to many of our young whom may have fallen through the cracks of society.

Michael Angelo Bosch would like to welcome everybody from all around the world , Our site helps to mentor and motivate individuals into finding their place in life .

Enjoy your visit feel free to move about and check out our popular pages above this main page to the top right hand side  that can help you in obtaining information about our program.

In times when our society is slowly decaying and we're losing our young to drugs, gang violence suicide or homicide we need to look at more positive solutions and I believe that the P.O.W.E.R. program with the Christian network ministries foundation through the grace of God can and WILL become an asset to many of our lost and confused young people




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Our Mission

Realistically " Our goal is not only to create awareness in our communities as soldiers standing up against social injustice but educate our young to the dangers & negative elements of society and help create a positive outlet where many of these young men & women who may have fallen through the cracks of society can find a second chance at life.

What We Do

We work closely with for-profit organizations and companies that specialize in recruiting and training people from underserviced communities with limited possibilities where we can assist with rooming, travel, meals training, and transportation to and from work.

We are also working towards partnering up with social organizations, community service programs, and special assistance groups to better provide and improve on ways to further assist our members in transforming their life.


The P.O.W.E.R. Program

The P.O.W.E.R. Program is like a second chance program. PLANNING for a better tomorrow. ORGANIZE an individual’s priorities. WORK to improve their economic status and way of living while also learning to work not just hard, but smart. EDUCATION educating them in the job market . And lastly, RESPECT learning to respect and appreciate themselves life and everyone they come in contact with.

Contact Information

The Christian Network Ministries Foundation

Phone: 973  474  8914


Serving Nationwide 24/7

Feel free to send us an email for inquiries or concerns. For urgent matters, you may call us at 973 474 8914

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